We are a collective of designers from coast to coast who came together in 2020 to ignite change and bring unity. We celebrate the Black experience and challenge the status quo.

Heatherlee Nguyen
Community / Events / Ops!

Activism at work:
If you’re interested in 1-day workshops for you and your teams, with me & mine, I’m exploring ways to build more inclusion and equity into the design process, at all phases.  Connect with me Linkedin!

Sisters X Design is a fundraising shop benefiting two sister orgs 50/50 💜🔥
Femmecubator + Black Designers Ignite – Check out the shop (launching March 2021) and DM is if you’d like to donate art to the mission!

Ash Level
Creative, Community partner!

Creative director with an entrepreneurial spirit. Inspired by the creative journey, community, and relationships.

I am all the buzz words these corporations performatively use.

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Jess McKenzie
Creative, Community partner!

Creative problem solving via design is what fuels my fire. My portfolio includes photography, web and logo design work for small businesses and non-profit organizations across Metro-Detroit.

Samples of my writing can be found on my blog The Creative Armory.

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Nana Achompong
Creative, Community partner!

I am a passionate individual who is looking forward to developing and growing more within the non-profit and art + design community. Everywhere I go I bring a smile, a sense of motivation, and positive energy.

“Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day.” – Alice Morse Earle.

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Lauren Sloan
Collaborator / Community!

I am an optimistic and disciplined designer who works well under pressure. I love designing in a way that sticks. I believe it’s important to include details where and when they are needed.

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