Friends & Sponsors

Thank you to our friends and sponsors donating their time, talents and technologies to help make Black Ignite 2020 a success! Please learn about our amazing partners below.


Minneapolis, MN

Our Community Partner
thanks to Ian Karume!

Police brutality must end. Over the last few months, we have seen the sadness, the fear and the anger of a community that has been victimized for too long. Many changes have been implemented, and we celebrate that. Many things still have not, and we continue to fight. We know we are still targets. We know that we are still considered a threat to corporate interests. These garments are an expression of Black anger, grief, and awareness. A demonstration to the world that we are still considered threats, targets, and we will not be going anywhere but where our hopes and dreams take us.


New York, NY

Our Creative Partner
thanks to Ash Level!

Presence is a black + lgbtqia+ woman owned & operated hybrid ad agency that creates disruption through a blend of storytelling and empowering visuals.


New York, NY

Our Creative Partner
thanks to Lauren Sloan!

Trifecta Media Group provides small businesses with the integrated marketing support they need to be their best. We believe in personalized service that hones in on the needs and vision of our clients. With over 35 years of combined experience, we specialize in the disciplines of Marketing, Public Relations, and Graphic Design, to allow your brand to thrive against a competitive and ever-changing market. Using collaborative partnerships we provide unique strategies to help our clients reach their goals. With a service-minded work ethic, we are committed to creating lasting brands that stand the test of time.


Minneapolis, MN

Our Tech Diversity Partner
thanks to Micah Speiler!

“The Twin Cities tech sector is a vibrant and dynamic economy. It’s home to small startups and large corporations and over the last few decades it has consistently contributed to growth throughout the area. And yet, we can still do better when it comes to building a community. Our local industry lacks diversity.

LGBTQ, people of color, people with disabilities, and women are underrepresented and we want to change that. We pledge that we will commit resources, energy, and attention to this.”


Minneapolis, MN

Our Tech Partner
thanks to Caroline Karanja

The mission of Hack the Gap is to increase equity in technology by highlighting diverse voices and perspectives. This includes women, non-binary, black, indigenous and people of color. We do this through hackathons, programming and investing in technology build by and for women, non-binary and BIPoC peoples.

The Creative armory

Detroit, MI

Our Community Partner
thanks to Jess McKenzie!

The Creative Armory is a Detroit-based blog that inspires people to do what they love. The blog regularly features creative entrepreneurs, musicians, and places of interest. 


Hartford, CT

Our Brand Partner
thanks to Krizia Fernando!

Femmecubator is a community-driven platform with a mission to provide free to affordable classes, events and resources to support WOC in tech. Through mentorship and an online community, we aspire to change the ratio of women of color in the tech industry.

We see you contributing dollars and hours to help us make #BlackIgnite2020 a success. Thank you to the following people for (coordinating) silent sponsorships.

Heather Olson
Adam Selzer
Laura Lanigan
Abbey Smalley
Brad Hoyt
Jenna Pederson
Deanna Swanson
Brea Hall

General Galactic
Bloomberg Beta