Black Ignite is about celebrating Black Designers and amplifying public speaking + creative storytelling. We are a collective of creatives from coast to coast cultivating community and igniting change.

We are most known for our inaugural event in August of 2020 where 30 Black Designers spoke, ignite style, about their transitions as a Black designer in America. Ever since then, this community has grown and expanded beyond measure..

Thank you for attending Black Ignite 2021! What an incredible show!

Our journey is everything..

Meet 30 Black Designers from all over the nation as they share their stories, their work their journey.. ignite style!

Thank you to our 2021 speakers!

We were inspired beyond measure. Every talk took us on a journey and we loved every moment. Thank you for taking part!!

We are celebrating our second year of community and a successful 6-hour Black Ignite event where over 350 of you joined us live, thank you!

Each year we’ll continue the tradition we started in 2020. We’ll host Black Designers Ignite in August.. and pay 30 Black designers 100% of the events’ ticket sales. Members from years previous will act as jurors, MCs, keynote speakers and all around mentors. We’ll hustle to gain sponsors and partners keeping our commitment to pay all the talent behind our events.